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sakura & flowers~warm

A new quarter and semester...

Mer...nothing feels different...and the year still feels as two semesters long, where it began...

The "I'm graduating this year" effect hasn't really kicked at me much and neither has "senioritis"...

Sometimes I wish it did so I'd relax a little more...but then again that could be too costly with the workload I still have ahead of me if I want to get that infernal AA degree in Arts...

I applied to the San Francisco Academy of Arts this week...

Got to put that damn portfolio together quick...

So many pictures I need to take and download onto a disk...

I'm considering taking online art courses since going to colleges, especially colleges in Canada, is really costly even though they are great art colleges...I just can't afford them and neither can my psyche without any moral support or friends alongside me...

My college exams are done for now...another one is coming up soon...


And more projects...whoo...

Well...at least I'll go see that Caroline movie to prevent myself from going insane...

'Gnight everyone,




Good luck in the applying at all.

I want to see Caroline. <3333 It doesn't seem as cool as some of Tim Burton's stuff but still is worth seeing.


I still found it quite enjoyable. It's funny too.
What is Caroline about?


It's a movie made by the creator of Nightmare Before Christmas, which is really popular. I saw the movie and it was quite interesting but you probably wouldn't enjoy it if you are not into Nightmare Before Christmas and clay animation stuff.

Re: Caroline

That tells me nothing about the story.

Re: Caroline

You can always look that up on Wikipedia, lol. Also, if I told you it would ruin the whole purpose of going to see the movie, wouldn't it?

Re: Caroline

You baffle me.

Re: Caroline

Baffling is always nice.

Makes things more interesting.


Re: Caroline

Re: Caroline


Re: Caroline

Re: Caroline


Oi....this exam tomorrow is going to be the death of me...


Did you find out if you had any?

Re: Caroline


mada wakaranai.
I don't think I have them until the end the end.

I do have a project though. ;___;

Re: Caroline

Oh gawd speaking of which I have to present mine tomorrow and I have a damn research project paper to finish...


Lucky...wish I only had exams and junk due near the end, end....

But no...Anthropology + Nutrition is like we're going to have 3 projects and 3 exams...