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burdened syaoran

Man...what a day...

Boy do I feel like **** today...It's Mother's Day and instead of us doing something for my mom, my brother is wasting her day off with homework he procrastinated on and they're arguing over it like always. I'm sitting up in my room, quietly doing the work I can with all this unwanted noise. I have an exam tomorrow so I need to get some things done earlier than usual. What also makes it worse is I got into an argument last night with one of my friends and didn't sleep much because of it. So I'm completely exhausted.

I guess I keep getting into arguments with my friends lately...

This week is also a horrendously busy week for me.  Exams, papers, interviews, ceremonies, AP art submissions, and etc.

I don't think I'm going to find piece of mind anytime soon.

Pretty much feel like I'm being grilled from all sides if that makes any sense.

Spring Quarter is ending soon and I'm behind. Graduation is riding up my ***. And everything and everyone else is driving me crazy...

I guess even this constantly thinking brain of mine can get overloaded.

Well I'm going to return to my work.

See you all around.



Good luck with all your work Mei-Chan~ <3333

Don't let the stress get to you x3