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silent eyes sakura

Yes I am still here.

So probably been 3 months since I even visited this place but anyways...

Living the apartment life now; leaching off someone else's wireless internet connection until Comcast comes on Thursday. ((This connection is anal it works one minute then fails the next.)) It has rained today so we're all staying in as it's obviously disgusting outside. Plus, there's not much to do around here. This place is mostly fast food restaurants and high ways. There is a mall and a AMC theater but then the cash in my pocket may disappear very quickly...


And trying to conserve as much as I can 'til I get hired. I've probably passed out eight applications and resumes already? Still waiting for calls.

Life has been quite a bitch for a while and I'm trying to prove that bitch life that I'm better. Still an ongoing battle though. That bitch is persistent. Won't let me sleep right.

Hoping my sleeping pattern will adjust better soon. Still can't wake before noon. I know I'm not a morning person but dammit I have a 8am class on Wednesdays starting after the 8th.


So I really need to kick the sleeping pattern into gear. Stupidalarmclockdoesn'tfuckingringthismorning,nohelpatall! My cat was what finally woke me up today. She pounced on my face for food. She's pretty much gets what she wants. EvildominatrixcatqueenthatIlovetobits.

Bleh. I can't believe I made a Facebook account. Roommates used it as communication before we moved in so yeah... Iwanttogodeleteitnowbutthenpeoplewillallbewtf?


Mer...Orientation is on the third.


I have to get up before 10 am. I'm screwed.