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Jan. 18th, 2009

silent eyes sakura

I'm still alive...

*fidgets with fingers and looks around nervously*

So it's been a really long time since I've logged onto my LJ account...eh-heh...

I've been out of the loop of things for a very long time but I hope my friends here will still say hello to me if they have not forgotten me. Forgive me for being away for so long on here...

Life is quite a mess right now I guess...

I'm sure it is for many with this current global issue of economy and whatnot...

Well...hope everyone's surviving out there...


Jul. 7th, 2008

sakura & flowers~warm

Let's see what's been going on...

Well for the past few days I have been the ultimate couch potato and even ate potato chips. Amazingly delicious potato chips~<3

So I have accomplished practically nothing except for....

*drum roll*


Yes I got a uber short hair cut and I must send Ashurii pictures before she kills me...



*runs in terror*

So yeah, that's pretty much it~!

*sees Ashurii coming*


~Kumei Fujikawa

Jun. 30th, 2008

lifeless gazing

So tired...

Well I'm finally back from camp and slowly reacquainting myself to my own room which is pretty pathetic but whatever. At least I actually attempted to go through the mountains of stuff I had and my dreaded closet. Yes dreaded, because I can't even walk into that damn thing without tripping over something...

So these are the things I accomplished in the past two days:

-Went through some old junk and threw it all in a "garage sale" box
-Went through old clothes without drowning in my closet
-Made my closet  almost a "walk-in" closet without stubbing my toe for the millionth time
-Watched Vampire Knight up to episode 12
-Communicated with human beings
-Made a post on LJ (yes that's a accomplishment for me don't ask why)
-Did my assigned summer AP artwork
-Didn't die in the heat of my room
-Got the "camp smell" out of my hair
-DUSTED my room (I don't usually dust it kills my nose and HOMG there was so much dust I was gagging!)

So yes...these were my amazing accomplishments!  (yeah right...)

I hope everyone is having a good summer, many busy things will be coming my way soon but for now I'm able to relax and accomplish some things I've been wanting to do for ages...

Unfortunately I'm being forced to go bowling with my father and his girlfriend...

I don't hate bowling but it's not really that exciting and just kills my wrist...

Why do something that's going to be more harming than fun?!

I'm scared I have severe arthritis in my wrist, it cracks way too much like ever second...o.O;

I'm gonna be an old crone before I even know it...

Well hope to hear from you all, do something enjoyable for me this summer,  go have fun, and don't get heat stroke!

~Kumei Fujikawa

Jun. 19th, 2008

shocked syaoran

School's out!

And I'm going straight to camp! Hurrah...((note my excitedness)) Oh well it's only a week. Hopefully those little campers won't kill me, yeah I'm not going to go to camp, I'm going to go be a camp counselor at camp so no fun time for me. I gotta babysit basically for a whole week with no pay and 24/7 house calls.

Yep, that's the camp I'm going to but hopefully there will still be a good experience within it, there usually is at Dunes Bible Camp, but more for the campers not the counselors. If you know what I mean. Well I can't post much today, I have to get ready for camp. Gotta pack and all...

Hm...I wonder if we're going to Oregon again for 3 days like last time...Meh, guess I'll find out. Oregon's farm country but it's nice. XD

Alright, see you all within a week or two. ^^

~Kumei Fujikawa

Jun. 17th, 2008

what?! kurogane!

Today was good for the most part...but...

Hm...Well today was alright I guess. School was dragging on like usual, presentations, projects, quizzes, etc. Dammit I have a quiz tomorrow and I did zero studying, so bad!

OH! But there was something that really got on my nerves. I was walking the halls to go buy some Peanut Butter M&M's, I LOVE M&M's!! And so...I'm walking and just minding my own business and like I hear this guy shout. "YOU STAY AWAY FROM HER OR I'LL KILL YOU!" Kind of jazz and I look down to see these two guys on the ground. The one yelling was holding this smaller guy in a choke hold, I mean serious choke hold and he was screaming at him. And I was like WTF? So I kinda spoke out without realizing and said, "What the hell is going on here!" Seriously, and for a moment I was like oh ****! What did I just say?! The guys actually broke it up though, guess I sounded pretty authoritative, and they kinda just looked at me for a second and I told them to knock it off and how pointless it is to get suspended near the end of the school year as I sorta walked off and they didn't really respond but walked off to class in the other direction 'cause the class bell started ringing and maybe the finally came to their senses, probably not, some guys are just complete imbeciles, to fight over a girl, come one, that's so primal, gah!. Sensei let's me walk out of class to get food since I don't eat lunch at high school and I nearly starve to death, well not starve, but you know what I mean. And so after those few seconds...I went to the gym vending machine to get my beloved M&M's and head back to class. I had to go all the way to the gym to get my M&M's because the damn locker bays were locked!! TT-TT

So yeah, finally got my M's and went to class, told Sensei about the fight, he shrugged because like what could he do, I didn't know who they were and Sensei couldn't report what he didn't see, so yeah, whatever. I still felt it was right to tell a teacher, so you're not held accountable as a witness and jazz and not going to tell a supervisor or dean about it, so yeah...

It was weird, that stupid fight pissed me off so much that I was shaking angry...

Some guys are really stupid...

Correction...most guys here are stupid...

Maybe all...

So that was my day, it was alright besides the stupid "brawl", it wasn't even really a fight though but it was still violence and I can't stand senseless violence, not one bit!

Okay okay, so that's my rant. I'm done for now.

Tomorrow I'm going to go take pictures, yay for me! <3

Only  1 and a half more days to go!

~Kumei Fujikawa

Jun. 16th, 2008

sakura &amp; flowers~warm

A few more days...

School needs to end now...gah...

Everyone else I know in the local states are out why does our state have to be so damn picky about snow days and catch up days.

Come on, no one is going to do work on the last week of school. No one. Except me dammit why...*cries*

Well nothing too interesting happened today due to being stuck at school and whatnot.

At least I got to share the burden of being at school with my friends. Who bring more relief then they'll ever know.

So yeah, today me and my friends, Mariah and Madelyn hung out at my special spot. Yes I have a special spot! We chatted like our usual goofs and ate some of Madelyn's delicious Maui chips, homg those things are so damn good and she taunts me with them. ;___; You think a person who didn't want to eat much of their lunch and offers their food to you would make a porker like you happy with joy, but no, it's so bad, no matter how damn good those chips are...TT3TT

That was pretty much the highlight of my day at school, everything else was a bore. Oh! I did skip out on my Chemistry presentation due to a counselor's meeting at the office. Hahahaha...That was sweet retribution, because my partner who did NOTHING in the project had to present the entire thing alone. Serves him. I'm not worried about my grade either 'cause the presentation was pre-approved of so I had a win/win guarantee, the most we could loose was like what, 10 points for speech? Ha! That's not gonna do a thing to my grade~<3

So yeah...enough gloating 'cause that's bad...but yeah, that was my day...

~Kumei Fujikawa

Jun. 15th, 2008

burdened syaoran

Father's Day...

Finally I'm able to escape to my laptop. I had to get up so early today to go to my father's. I really shouldn't have stayed up so late but my restless mind refused to let me sleep. Today wasn't as terrible as I imagined it would be though with lack of sleep and definite being dragged around everywhere part.

Instead of going somewhere like we usually do on Father's Day, my father stayed home watching old movies. Which gave me some time to relax and reread some manga favorites. Until I was taken to the beach, but it was enjoyable, even if it was a bit awkward because only my dad's girlfriend and I went and I still only know so much about her and sometimes she can really nag at me. Which nobody likes, right?

Well after the beach my dad cooked up some hamburgers, guess he wanted to cook for once. We ate, chatted, the usual for this household. The only thing my dad really did for himself for Father's Day, was ride around on his MoPed, which is kinda weird how much he likes driving that thing now. They're not that cool, especially for someone for his age and size. I'm not gonna lie, my dad needs to loose some weight and sitting around doing nothing is not gonna help that one bit.

Hopefully our gift to my dad, a racket ball carrier case, will get him to start going to the gym and playing racket ball again. He seemed to enjoy that in the past but then he just quit due to a sore arm and now all he's doing is gaining weight. Gah, how's that supposed to help me loose weight? Grrr....

Anyways everything was totally norm I guess. My bro sat on his butt playing X-Box 360 all day, my dad's girlfriend busying herself like always, and my dad watching TV. Yep, the norm.

Well except for this cop car tailing me really close as I was heading back to my dad's house and then suddenly flashing its lights. I thought I had gotten a ticket, but then the guy in the cop car just swerved past me. Was that a practical joke or some serious emergency call because I swore I was being pulled over for a second because he was right behind me...then the next thing I know, he just goes past me. Gawd, sometimes things are just too odd or freaky for my taste. Well at least I didn't get a ticket. I was going 3 mph over. I also can't stand being tailed. What if I had to suddenly break huh? You be payin' for mah car, you hear! YOU WILL PAY!! *cough*

Er hrm...So yes...that was my day. Ate some burgers and some junk food. Nothing really out of the norm, for the most part. I'm just glad it was sunny for once, but I kinda hoped one of my friends would call to hang out, but who the hell can hang out on Father's Day...

Oh well...today was bearable for once at this household and not the usually droll  and repetitive lifestyle here. So I'm thankful for that I guess.

One more week and the rights to summer is claimed. Actually less than a week. We get out this upcoming Thursday.

Well, that is my tale for today, I wish you all have fun in the sun and if not to get to have some soon. I'm tired of rain and a little sun never hurts.

~Kumei Fujikawa

Jun. 14th, 2008



I finally changed my journal to something more pleasing to me and my viewers. If I even have any viewers.  Slowly I am learning the ways of lj and its ways of customizing to your content. *bows to great lj* Hopefully people can bear my retardedness for a while, because switching to different blogging forums is really confusing at times. I'm no computer whiz so I ask you to bear with me. Tips are nice though. I love to learn new formats and systems. Learning new things is always exciting for me. The only bloggable sites I've ever been on more than once is MyOtaku, Gaia Online, and here...so yeah I'm pretty clueless and not proud of it. So any help is appreciated but I'm not going to pester people for it, I don't want to seem like some annoying freak. So bit by bit I shall learn and come to love lj I'm sure.

So this is basically a re-introductory due to a huge gap of absence here:

I go by Kumei or Kumei-san.

My close friends call me MeiMei or Mei-chan or whatever nicknames they wish.

I'm quite the japanophile and not just because of the anime or manga, so no stereotyping me please.

I love Tokyo Fashion and my dream is to become a graphic designer that can do a side job of cloth designing gothic and punk street wear. 

I don't know how to do a single stitch or use a sewing machine but I hope to come to learn this in time. Hopefully before I start heading to college to major in art.

Drawing, writing/rping/poetry, reading, spending time with my friends, chatting, blogging, and doing whatever that wastes time or makes me content for the time being is what I particularly like to do during these past years. 

I'm Christian and currently seventeen, soon to be eighteen.

Yes almost a considered independent!

I'm a very open person yet I don't talk to many. Many call me a hypocrite but people do change over time. I've experienced things of my own and have come to learn and understand a lot but never enough, so I'm always learning. Knowledge is important to me and so are my friends and knowing one's purpose and the purpose of living. What life is about basically.

I have my own beliefs and understandings and things of what I think is right or wrong but I always try to listen to others views of life and opinions of things even if I may think otherwise.

Everyone is different and I have come to see that very well. My friends are quite diverse from me yet we all seem to get along in some way.

Even if we quarrel here and there and sometimes have extreme debates over things.

I love my friends and I hope they love me, no matter how gawd damn annoying I get.

As of now I am a Senior in high school who will be attending college in the upcoming fall supported by a Running Start Program

I have a part-time job as a dishwasher but I'm being promoted. At least that's what I've heard. >.<

Especially since my boss just asked me to look for a reliable person who would be willing to be a dishwasher and can drive themselves, particularly a junior at least. 

I have a lot of friends looking for a job...so this isn't going to be easy...hopefully I'm not hassled the hell out of...because I really have to find someone who fits this or else my goose is cooked.

I finally got to eat one of those Angel Pie thingies Fuji gave me. It was delicious. Very chocolaty.

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu Fuji-san! 

So yes my friends, I have returned and hope to learn the ways of lj. *bows* Hopefully enough so Fuji will stop bashing me. 

Tomorrow is Father's Day?

Gawd what the hell am I doing tomorrow? Well hopefully I'll be able to say hello to you all...

Well, until then.

~Kumei Fujikawa

shocked syaoran

HOMG! It's been like forever...

Hahaha...I have surprised myself that I remembered my log-in and how to even post. Gawd I'm pathetic sometimes. For those who even remember me, yeah I'm back and I'm staying. I may be quite a bore, but yeah, I try, sorta. So yes, uber business for me. High school, college, finals...took up my life and GAIA OBSESSIVENESS! *cough* for the past half a year...*drops dead* Thank gawd it's almost the summer. This summer I shall find some uber exciting things to do before my life is pulled away by school and education again...

Chinatown sounds pretty fun, I hope I can go there soon with my friends. I have nothing else to really do so it should be something enjoyable somewhat me being a japanophile and oriental freak and all...at least I really hope so. I'm thoroughly tired of classes. My college classes are done for now but dammit I still have another week of school. Well...at least me and Fuji can try to survive the EXTRA DAMMIT MATH QUIZ! before the bars of school imprisonment is lifted and whatnot. Please let it be swift but not deadly...*crosses fingers*

So my dear friends, if you still recall my existence...Send me uber loves, okay?! I have to go to camp right after school gets out...hopefully those little kids don't kill me over again...gawd...why do we have to walk 2 miles again to go to some gawd damn lake?!

*grumbling* So yeah...I'm not going to be around the 21st-28th but I wanted to let people know I'm still alive...as of now...there is uncertainty of still living after camp...

So yeah, that's my speil. Hope no one has hard feelings toward my neglection of posts...

Life is unforgiving...but yeah...not much of an excuse, heh.


Don't hit me!


Dec. 30th, 2007

precious feather

My life is being pulled back to reality...

Christmas was wonderful I got more than I could ever deserve or should ever receive. Winter break has been quite mellow and fun, but now the new year is coming. I try to think back, but it's something that seems as meaningless as time itself. Yet time seems to have some meaning, for I always never seem to have enough of it. The days go by so fast. The years seem like only days, the months only hours, the days only seconds. Why does life keep moving on, dragging us behind, can't we keep up with life's pace? The answer...no, we can't, but we wish so much that we could. I miss my childhood, I miss not having worries or stress over graduating, I miss many things. I don't seem to be able to do anything right, if there is such a thing. I feel as if I'm frozen in time and time just goes by, mocking at me. There is so much time I want back, so many things I want to do, and so many things I want to accomplish, but this time never seems to come and when it does, it comes too little. Yet, there, the new year still comes, even though I know if I promise I will complete this, do that, it never turns out the way I wish, so many things left behind, so many things left out, so many dreams lost. But maybe, just maybe, these dreams and accomplishments will come, at least that's what I always tell myself and sometimes, it feels like they do, but often, many of the wishes, dreams, and accomplishments I want, don't, and are left behind by the ever-moving earth and it's partner in crime, the ever-revolving clock, the dial that always turns, time. So life continues on and forces us to keep moving through it, struggling and forcing to get our way and dreams, which never seem to come as we wish no matter how much we fight for it, everything else we do, is put as meaningless or unimportant, but there is importance and there is reason, purpose, because it is part of life and what keeps us living in a world that shows no mercy to those falling behind in the times of life.

Mmm...not sure what to say to you all about what I've just typed. I guess it's just something I feel at the moment, I sometimes get like this, because of my own weaknesses and faults and I guess that the fact that I and many others have to endure such a harsh world, makes me speak my mind, however you want to put it, this is just a way I see the world, but it's not the only way. I know many see things in different aspects, and so do I, and to me, that's a wonderful thing, but also a curse of many levels, for mankind also seeks understanding and longs for one to know just who they are and everything they are and to know and love that person and nothing else. Such a impossible thing is still dreamt by many, and maybe I'm one of those people too, but, what can we do about such a long, not much, at least that's what I believe...

We can have friends, family, pets, clothes, toys, materialistic things, but we never seem to be satisfied by these things, we are never truly happy or feel entirely content, for we still want someone or maybe something, to understand just who we are and nothing else.

So what are we supposed to do, just keep living for what we wish and believe?

What does that accomplish?

Is there ever something truly worthy enough to satisfy one from life?

I have my own answer to that, but others have their own answers too, so I will not put my say or view upon this, I'll just have this of question of mine here, for all and to all who are concerned or dwell upon things similar to what I have put down upon this post...

Comments would be wonderful but I do not want a comment for the sake of commenting.

Mmmm, but do what you wish, there is nothing stopping any of you from doing so, so yes, I wish you a Happy New Year and that your wishes and dreams may come true one day, as I wish mine will too...


[[What is our purpose?]]

((Here Is The Silent Hill Crew To Relieve My Stress))







P.S. Fuji-san, Ashurii-chan, I think this makes up for my lack of posting...

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