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~All That Which Is Lost In The Simple Frost~

.:Kumei Fujikawa's Tales:.

Kumei Fujikawa
Alright...I needed to updated this...

I go by the name Kumei. Kumei Fujikawa. People call me Kumei, Kumei-san, Mei-chan, etc. I'm eighteen and currently a senior in high school and a second year college student through a Running Start Program. I'm pursuing a AA degree in Arts and pursuing to major as a Graphic Designer.

I'm quite the introverted person but I'm social when others communicate to me. People say I'm kind and caring and very responsible. I try to do my best in school and to be a supportive friend.

I know I'm not perfect but I do what I can for others.

I like to draw, hang with friends, paint, make clay sculptures, write poetry, read manga, and watch anime.

I like all kinds of music but I'm not much of a fan of rap, screamo, and country.

I like hot topic clothes, gothic lolita, and tokyo fashion.

My dreams are to be a graphic designer and clothes designer in Japan and to run my own store.

I believe in the Lord and treating others how you would like to be treated.

I like lots of kinds of food and beverages but my favorite food (well more like dessert) is strawberry or cherry cheesecake and my favorite beverage is melon soda.

I'm versatile and adaptive to welcoming environments.

Hanging out with friends actually puts a smile on my face.

Things I don't really like in people are people who put down others and treat others poorly.

I also dislike when people are not open minded to other views and only their own. However, I know that everyone does this at some point because everyone understands things in their own way...

I also dislike being harassed, my words taken out of context, and being called a hypocrite just because I don't support something 100% but agree with part of something.

Otherwise...I'm overall pretty lenient and listen to what others have to say and am open-minded to new things and consider other views and how others perceive things.

So yeah...I think that gives you all some info about me and helps you better understand me.

Cheers to you all.