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Holy cow has time flown by, to a point it's like someone pulled my feet from underneath me.  Well, I'm sure my friends are fully aware my posts here are random and seldom but I try to make the most of them. I apologize at least for not being up-to-date with my friends. I do have other contacts but oddly enough no one seems to hardly use any of those to contact me if at all. I tend to be on MSN (Messenger & Mail), Gaia, & DeviantArt. When I actually have more than a few hours to relax on the web, is when I make entries here and say hello to my EXTREMELY OBSESSED Lj friends. You guys know you are and are not ashamed of it. I know they can drill me on other things in return; so much love to you guys too. ;D

Hm...let's see...

Today my art teacher screwed up real bad. Our AP ART submissions were due TODAY and NOONE knew about it save this one girl from an OUTSIDE source. I ran franticly back to my house to try to get all the jpeg files of my art pieces to find out that the time for submissions had already PASSED.

However, due to the fact that this was a new way of AP ART exams, the AP Art community is giving us an extension. Apparently some other schools screwed up with the due dates too...

We submitted our Quality work but not our 12 pieces of Concentration or Breadth.

We have 'til Wednesday to submit that.

The AP Art students are still waiting for the SUBMISSION CODE from our art teacher who was not present today. So, hopefully we get it by Monday. WHICH WILL ONLY GIVE US FLIPPIN 2 DAYS!!

So yeah...a tad pissed at my alouf art teacher.

Also, today while TAing for my pottery teacher, I got to clean up a sad site in the kiln. Some idiot who thought just shoving clay together without proper scoring and making it THICK would be perfectly fine. This costed the whole bottom self pieces to be damaged or broken to shards thanks to this one piece literally EXPLODING in the kiln...

I hate idiots. Especially ignorant idiots.

SO my day was full of...

And tomorrow is my brother's b-day party. He's sixteen and going to go paintballing and bowling. And thankfully, he changed his plans to have all his friends sleepover at my dad's house and not at my mom's house; here.

I'm working tonight, here in a few minutes and tomorrow for a couple of hours before the bowling (I want to mooch off some pizza and cake too ya know). Then I'm going over to a friend's house to sleepover at and visit my friend. She just recovered from a pretty serious surgery (she had OCKs (tumors) removed from her face ((mostly inside the right cheek)) from the inside of her mouth) but she's well enough for visitors. I'm not a noisy person either so her parents are quite willing even though she is still technically recovering. She's glad I'm coming over, she's been pretty down from all the pain killers and constant sleeping with no friend visitations. So hopefully I can cheer her up and we can watch some anime or movies and draw or something. We both like that kind of stuff but who doesn't? XD

Anyways, only got a few minutes before I have to run to work so...

Currently, I have three scholarships awarded to me ($3000 total) and being awarded a Citation award ($15,000 total) from my Awana club. I can only use the $15,000 if I go to a Christian college and the $3000 within this year...

I still don't know which college I'm going to but I'm going in for some more scholarship interviews and a college interview at Northwestern College of Art.

That school seems the most promising so far but it's VERY small and there are no dorms whatsoever.

So I'm going to be looking at other colleges too still...like Cornish (Christian Art University) and some art schools in Canada; like the Emily ---something--- Art Institute (It's in Vancouver, Canada).

I'm a dual citizen and proud of it. <3

So yeah....hence to why I said it's like my feet got ripped from underneath me. I gotta make some huge decisions soon here on where I'm going and when...dad won't stop nagging me about it...mom is helping but seems intent on getting me in college by Fall. I don't think I'm ready to go that soon.

I'm getting my AAUCT by the end of Summer.

I'm graduating this year at my high school and community college.

I'm going to Prom (but I dread it's going to be like Homecoming~music-wise).

I don't want to go to Grad Night but mother paid for it and friends are intent on making me come along.

And...I'm trying to get a full-time job. (There is no way I'm going to be able to sustain myself in college if I don't start making more than $8.20 and hour for one-two days a week).

So yeah...that's the current news and the current blues.

Hope you enjoyed the rants and pants for breath.

Yes I do realize I'm rhyming.

I love poetry. GTFO if you don't.


Gah...anways got to run...

Enjoy your weekend and the Sun (if there is any).